Why Powerstore

Our Value Proposition

Power is a business enabler and therefore clients require a reliable partner with an experienced team to ensure the best value is derived from the relationship.

Economic Cost Savings

We aim to meet the current/future power requirements of clients and reduce their overall power expenses by switching to cheaper fuel source of natural gas.

Technical Expertise

Clients benefit from the unequaled technical expertise from the Powerstore team ensuring projects are flawlessly delivered and operations seamless thereby increasing the asset life cycle of the engines.

Dependable Technical Partner

Powerstore clients enjoy peace of mind, coming from having a dependable technical partner, deploying the most durable and reliable gas engine technology.

Reliable Clean Power

Powerstore would provide reliable power and guaranteed uptime of engines to enable the clients focus on its core business.

Customer centric

Powerstore does not sell engines and turn its back on customers after the sale like other power companies, we are partners in progress with the customers and we will be there throughout the various phases of the relationship.

Reputational Mileage

Our solution is from environmentally clean and sustainable fuel sources, earning clients reputational mileage for their businesses with the ‘eco’label.

Enhanced productivity and delivery

As our solution provides reliable power, it impacts the overall productivity and delivery of businesses.